Visiting Jorgen Jensen, L.Ac. for the first time will be much like visiting any health practitioner. Our clinic is a peaceful and professional environment where your comfort and calm are central to the success of your visit and your treatment.

Much like any initial visit to a medical office, your first few moments will be spent completing a thorough questionnaire. This is where you begin to provide us with your medical history and a description of the reason for your visit. At this time we will ask about any relevant insurance issues. Please bring with you any information you feel will be pertinent to your condition.

The clinic has three spacious rooms providing a clean, quiet atmosphere for your treatment. Comfortable tables along with soothing background music await.

The clinic is located near the heart of Walnut Creek, one block from Nordstrom's. Ample parking is located behind the building. The clinic is located on the second floor of 1200 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Suite 202. An elevator is easily accessed from the entrance. Please see the map below for the location.

For appointments and general information, call (925) 256-1133

Office hours:
Tuedays, Wednesday's and Friday's 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.