To support the healing response initiated by acupuncture and to engage the patient more in "self-care", specific herbs are prescribed and provided by our clinic. These herbs, mostly Chinese in origin, can be provided in a bulk, dried form to be prepared at home as an infusion, or strong "tea", for daily drinking. Based on the patient's preference, herbs can also be provided in pill form, but history has shown the less processing the herb experiences, the greater its healing power.

Moxibustion, a complementary though external, use of herbs, remains popular and effective after thousands of years of use within TCM. Moxibustion is a method of burning a moxa herb stick (made from the compressed, dried leaves of the mugwort plant, Artemisia vulgaris) just above the skin, along the acupuncture meridians and at specific points, for warming and to stimulate healthy circulation. In time, the unique smell of moxa will take on a positive association.

The clinic maintains a full herbal pharmacy, including herbal pills, raw herbs for mixing custom and traditional formulas, as well as topical remedies.