Standard Insurance

The entire team of professionals at Jorgen Jensen, L.Ac. is experienced in working with patients to minimize personal discomfort and maximize the assistance of established insurance programs.

Personal Injury

Typically, personal injury cases involve moving vehicle accidents (MVA). Most automobile insurance policies cover acupuncture through "med pay". However, if this is not the case, our team will work with third party insurance or put cases on a lien so that the patient does not have to spend money out-of-pocket.

Workers Compensation

The clinic of Jorgen Jensen, L.Ac. has years of experience in managing Workers Compensation and Personal Injury cases. As a primary or secondary treating physician, Jorgen works with legitimate work injuries on a very regular basis.

In 1989 the California law SB 840 (Torres) included acupuncturists as "physicians" for the purpose of treating insured workers entitled to workers compensation benefits. In 1997, practitioners of acupuncture were granted permanent inclusion as physicians in the Workers Compensation laws.

Recently, new laws have restricted the amount of care that we can provide for industrial injuries. With pre-authorization from your industrial injury insurance agency, we can treat your injuries efficiently .