The clinic of Jorgen Jensen, L.Ac. is primarily focused on the treatment and management of pain. Though pain plays an important function in the body to signal disharmony or imbalance, no one likes to be in pain. Acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping and other in-clinic practices can be extremely useful in the immediate relief of pain and swelling from injuries and blocked qi. For improved health and the long-term relief of pain, Jorgen can recommend a complementary plan of self-care practices, including herb usage, breathing techniques, and corrective exercises.

Fertility can be seen as a mysterious, even magical quality in the human body, but TCM can frequently increase fertility if it is possible and desirable. Working together with patients concerned about their ability to procreate, Jorgen has experienced great success and joy with treatments including acupuncture and herbs.

Internal medicine, frequently perceived to be the domain of allopathic doctors, is also within the focus of our clinic. With careful listening to the patient's concerns, lifestyle, and physical body, Jorgen can employ the regenerative power of acupuncture and herbs to help correct internal ailments. This is an area where TCM can work well in collaboration with western medicine.