Fertility Issues.
After suffering multiple miscarriages, I began seeking treatment from Jorgen. I am happy to announce that I am six months pregnant. I truly believe that I would not be where I am today without acupuncture. Not only did Jorgen help me with my fertility issues, he also works to keep my asthma and allergies under control. Aucpuncture has changed my life for the better.

-Shawna Aghajanian

Desperate for Help
Jorgen, how can I ever thank you enough for literally saving my life? When other physicians had no idea how to treat my condition from being exposed to toxic mold, you were the only one who had the answers. You advised me on the types of food I should eat, and nutritional suppliments that were right for me. You also knew that the steroids prescribed by other physicians would harm me more than help my particular condition. You knew what effects toxic mold exposure had on the body and exacctly how to treat it.

What I will remember most, is the day I came to your office desparate for help, with a lifeless body and you had to help me onto your table. Your treatment that day made me stronger, and with every treatment I began the journey of returniing to normal. You answered my many questions and did so with patience and understanding.

And then of course, when I moved to Los Angeles, and tried to find another acupuncturist/physician, I found that no one could replace you and began to make journeys back to Walnut Creek for treatment.

Where I have heard horror stories about other mold patients, I am happy to say that I am feeling like a normal person today, thanks to you.

-Gayle Garnett

Outstanding Acupuncture.
I have visited Jorgen on several occasions for a sprained ankle and whiplash. The treatments were extremely effective, and I have made a complete and speedy recovery. Jorgen is a very thoughtful practitioner. He enthusiastically shares with his patients a wealth of knowledge regarding healthy lifestyle choices; including diet, exercise, and stress prevention. Jorgen will remain my primary choice as a healthcare practitioner in the future.

-Tanya Blanc

Superlative Care, Individualized Treatment.
I have seen Jorgen for several years for items such as sciatic nerve pain, tendonitis as well as the common cold and sundry maladies. At first a sceptic, I quickly learned the benefits of chinese medicine can be well beyond traditional western care. Nagging knee pain and tender sciatica were both resolved quickly and comfortably through acupunture and herbal remedies. Jorgen has always provided the most individualized care, with thoughtful advice and treatment. I couldn not be more impressed. I have and continue to recommend Jorgen to my closest friends and family.

-Charles Davis

After One Week
After many tests, my gastroenterologist could not diagnose my digestive problems and told me not to call again because I wasn't sick. I hadn't eaten solid food in nine months. A friend recommended Jorgen to me. After one week of treatment I was eating again. After several weeks, I was fully restored. I credit Jorgen Jensen and Chinese Medicine for my sustained good heath.

-Lothlorien Homet

Most Relief
I've been Jorgen's patient for many years. I was impressed from my first visit with the thoroughness of taking a patient history and discussion of my condition and the ability to make me feel relaxed and at ease. A visit to the clinic is the complete opposite of going to a doctors office. There is never a rushed or hurried atmosphere. You are made to feel welcomed and cared for.

After suffering from headaches and migraines for years with minimal relief from drugs; Jorgen's treatments have given me the most relief and control over my headaches in thirty years. As well as treating my headaches, I always have the impression that my whole person is being looked after. Jorgen has been a valuable friend in treating my physical as well as mental and spiritual needs. He has a way of making one feel very special and the center of his attention when he is giving a treatment. The people at the clinic are friendly, caring and friendly genuinely concerned with the well being of his patients.

-Tim Cutter

Severe Pneumonia
After my release from seven days in the hospital, (three days of ‘intensive’ care,  four days of respitorary therapy, antibiotics, steroids and insulin), I was greeted at home by eighteen tanks of oxygen, an oxygen generator and a little dolly to put the tanks on when I walked somewhere.  I could not be anywhere without an oxygen tank to help me get oxygen in my body.  My blood oxygen level was in the low range (90%) and I was given the lead doctors promise of two to four months on the couch with oxygen tubes in my mouth or nose and hourly respiratory therapy.  I was unable to walk four houses down my level street without getting tired and running out of breath.  I was visited by home nurses twice a week and could not work, so I called Jorgen.  Oh… did I tell you my first post-hospital x-ray showed that pneumonia was still in my lungs after finishing my antibiotic regimen, all my prescribed drugs and two weeks of home respiratory therapy?

 Jorgen diagnosed me like no doctor before.  He didn’t just count the beats of my heart, he felt the nature of it.  He looked at my tongue and gathered more information for his work.  He thoroughly questioned me regarding my physical condition (not just the fact that I had severe bacterial pneumonia….still).  He gave me an acupuncture treatment, herbal formulas and suggested foods that would directly support my badly weakened and battered lungs. 

 My home nurse came later in the evening after I was treated by Jorgen.  To her surprise, my blood oxygen concentration was reading 97% (it hadn’t been above 94%, even with straight oxygen being pumped into my body 24/7 for over three straight weeks).  She listened to my lungs with a stethoscope and they sounded ‘clear’.  That day, I could get up and walk where ever I wanted without: 1) running out of breath  2) getting tired or  3) breathing with oxygen being pumped into my lungs consistently.  I had energy and even felt ‘normal’.  My whole family commented on how much better I sounded when they would call to check on my progress.  I was released from the home nurses care in their next visit two days hence.  I sent all the oxygen paraphernalia back (14 out of 18 tanks were still full of oxygen).  I no longer needed them.  After one week,  my next x-ray showed no pneumonia.

 I am following Jorgen’s herbal formula recommendations, food suggestions, and getting regular acupuncture treatments as recommended.  I am amazed that the renewed feeling of vigor and life I am experiencing now. 

 Sincerely Jorgen, THANK YOU!, from the bottom of my heart.  I don’t know anyone that can do what you can with acupuncture needles, herbs and food as your healing tools.  You have helped me and my family many times over the years we have known each other, but this was and is an indescribably wonderful experience that I will always be grateful to you for.  You are a master of your craft. 

 It is a rare individual that is blessed with the ability to both understand and heal the human condition (be it mind, body or spirit).  Jorgen is one of those rare individuals.

 -Jeffery L. Bush